Karachi Postal Code | Every Area Covered
Karachi Postal Code | Every Area Covered
AreaPostal Code
Baldia Town75760
Bahria Town75340
Board of Secondary Education75150
City GPO7100
Defence Society75500
Export Processing Zone75150
Federal B Area75950
Gadap Town75340
Gulshan-e-Roomi [Within Cantonment Limits]75080
Habib Bank75650
Hotel Metropole75520
Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center75510
Karachi GPO74200
Karachi University75270
Korangi Creek75190
Korangi GPO74900
Landhi Colony75160
Malir Cantt75080
Malir City75050
Maripur (CE)75780
Maripur (FA)75750
Model Colony75100
Murad Memon Goth75040
Naya Nazimabad
National Cement Industry (Dalmia)75260
Nazimabad GPO74700
New Karachi75850
New Town GPO74800
North Nazimabad GPO74600
Orange Town75800
Pakistan Machine Tool Factory75760
Pakistan Naval Armament Depot75790
Pakistan Steel Mills75800
Pakistan Steel Mills Township75200
Port Muhammad Bin Qasim75020
Rafa-e-Aam Society75210
Saddar GPO74100
Shah Faisal Colony75230
Sher Shah Colony75730
Sindh Governor House75580
Surjani Town75111
Nishter Road74550

In Karachi, a vibrant metropolis pulsating with life, the organization of its postal codes forms an intricate geographic grid essential for efficient mail delivery and location identification. Spanning diverse neighborhoods and districts, Karachi’s postal codes serve as digital fingerprints, uniquely identifying each area within the city’s expansive landscape. From the bustling Airport area with its 72500 code to the historic Saddar GPO district marked by 74100, each postal code delineates a distinct territory, offering a glimpse into Karachi’s rich tapestry of culture and commerce.

Navigating Karachi’s postal maze begins with understanding the structure of its codes. Each code comprises a unique sequence of numbers, meticulously assigned to specific sectors and localities. For instance, the prestigious Clifton area boasts the code 75600, while the industrious Korangi GPO area is denoted by 74900. This systematic allocation facilitates seamless mail sorting and delivery, ensuring parcels reach their intended destinations with precision and speed amidst Karachi’s bustling urban sprawl.

Karachi’s postal system extends beyond mere addresses; it embodies the city’s dynamic spirit and diverse identities. From the educational hub surrounding Karachi University (75270) to the thriving commercial district of Saddar GPO (74100), each code reflects the essence of its locality, encapsulating its history, culture, and socioeconomic fabric. Moreover, postal codes play a pivotal role in facilitating various administrative tasks, including online transactions, government services, and emergency response mechanisms, underscoring their indispensable role in modern urban life.

Finding the correct postal code for a specific address in Karachi is a straightforward endeavor thanks to the plethora of resources available. From online postal code directories to Pakistan Post’s official website, individuals can easily access the information they need to ensure accurate addressing and timely delivery of mail and packages. Furthermore, mobile apps designed for this purpose offer convenience on the go, empowering residents and businesses alike to navigate Karachi’s postal landscape with ease and efficiency.

In conclusion, Karachi’s postal codes form the backbone of its urban infrastructure, enabling seamless communication and commerce within the city’s dynamic ecosystem. Beyond mere numbers, they serve as gateways to Karachi’s myriad neighborhoods and communities, reflecting the city’s rich diversity and cultural heritage. By understanding and leveraging these codes effectively, residents and businesses can harness the full potential of Karachi’s postal network, contributing to the city’s continued growth and development in the digital age.

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